Magicool Pump MC-DCP450


As a professional OEM manufacturer in Computer liquid cooling area, Magicool´s product line covers full range of liquid cooling components, including different size of heat exchangers, water tanks, pumps, cooling blocks and accessories. Excellent price-performance ratio and reliable quality make Magicool products unique.

Magicool® DCP 450 Pump has an integrated reservoir. With its 2,4 m pump height and 450 L/Hr. pump speed it is a powerful but silent pump for computer liquid cooling. The G 1/4” fitting threads provides compatibility with most of the water cooling systems on market and along with the G ¼” filling port this pump makes the water cooling setup extremely convenient.

Technical specifications


Material : Fiber Glass Nylon
Water capacity : 250 ml
Diameter : 70 mm
Height : 135 mm (MC-DCP450)
: 180 mm (MC-DCP450M)
Pump speed : 450 l/hr.
Pump reservoir  : Acryl
Connection threads : 2x G1/4”
Filling port : 1x G1/4"
Weight : 400 g
Lifting height : 2,4 m
Life time : 50,000 hrs.
Power input : DC 12 V
Delivery includes:


1x Magicool DCP450 pump
1 set Mounting screws


Step by Step Installation subscribtion


1. Place the pump vertical, power cable up, on the case

bottom, drill holes for M3 threads if necessary, screw

down tight using enclosed M3 screws.

2. Connect the pump with other liquid cooling components, please pay attention to “IN” and “OUT”, connect the SATA power cable and 3 pin monitoring cable with M/B.

3. Fill liquid using ¼” port.

Warranty: On impermeability and build for 2 years!

Caution: Pump reservoir is made of Acryl, please don´t use alcohol or its derivates, which could cause Acryl break.


Magicool DCP 450 DC12V Pumpe

[ MC-DCP450 ]


Magicool DC Pump MC-DCP450M

[ MC-DCP450M ] 
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